Latest Events

Shri.Manoj Kumar Hon’ble Chairman KVIC and the team members of KVIC visited us on 18.08.2023.

  • Opened restructured showroom in Gandhigram
  • Opened Indigo room
Shri.K.Shivakumar, Secretary welcomed the gathering and remembered the speech of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri.Narendra Modi in Gandhigram who reiterated his faith on Khadi and Gandhi’s ideas and policies and village development programme making villages self-sufficient and enlightened us with the plan of activity implemented on this direction and Khadi commission has reached its peak with his moto Khadi for Nation, Khadi for fashion and khadi for transformation. He also taken the Khadi from local to global.
Shri.K.Shivakumar congratulated the efforts taken by Shri.Manoj Kumar increasing the minimum wages of artisans and work shed for artisans and others first.
Shri.Manoj Kumar addressed the meeting about the achievements of Khadi and supporting artisans and others in their livelihood programme. We are arranging to send you full video coverage soon. We are enclosing the photographs.
We have made the following requests.
We have expressed our ambition that we wanted a replica of greater size charka in New Delhi Airport to be erected in the terrace of Khadi Showroom which facing highway road. Shri.Manoj kumar sanctioned the same on the spot.
We expressed that COEK helps us a lot in designing new sarees but we wish to have marketing outlets through KVIC. Shri. Manoj Kumar immediately suggested that in the new depot in IIT Delhi and other depots the Gandhigram products will be sold. He also made this announcement in the public meeting that Gandhigram sarees and cloth will reach Delhi and gave instructions to his office.