About Us


At the height of India’s movement for Independence, Mahatma Gandhi presented the idea of boycotting foreign goods so the Swadeshi spirit could be kept alive through the means of producing and using indigenous goods and services. He also envisioned this movement as a means of providing employment to the rural communities so they could become self-reliant and self-sufficient. 

The idea of Gandhigram was born to take forward this vision of empowering villages and enabling their holistic development. The organisation was the brainchild of Dr. TS Soundaram and Dr. G Ramachandran, a couple who were ardent followers of Gandhi and worked to incorporate his values in their work.

Since it was founded in 1947, we at Gandhigram have worked tirelessly to enhance the socio-economic status of village communities through interventions in sectors like health and education. Our outreach programs are aimed at promoting the establishment of village industries and providing rehabilitation to those in need. 


Holistic village development as envisioned by Mahatma Gandhi


Enhancement of socio-economic status of village community through interventions in Health,
Education, Social welfare, Livelihood and Extension services including R&D on appropriate technologies.