Gandhigram Primary School

Infusing Gandhian values in early education

Our effort to provide comprehensive education to children with restricted access to it is furthered by Gandhigram Primary School. Located in the Gandhigram campus, the school provides free education from kindergarten to 5th standard. Much like Dr. T. S. Soundram Vidyalaya, the Gandhian values of leading a simple life, engaging in community work and dignity of labour form the pillars of learning imparted in the school. The school is aided by the Department of Education, Government of Tamil Nadu. 


Established in 1949, the school was one of the earliest initiatives of Gandhigram. The Classrooms are conducive to scholastic environment, an extensive library and playground facilities that encourage extra-curricular and recreational activities. The school has established itself as a haven for children from areas around Gandhigram campus. Tamil Nadu state board syllabus and activity-based learning approach is followed in the classes.  The medium of instruction is Tamil.


The students have formed their own parliament, complete with appointed ministers who take care of their respective ministries. A set of eight qualified teachers are dedicating to the all-round development of children and provide free stationery to encourage enrolment. The school provides education to 172 students every year. 


We also strive to inculcate values and essential life-skills in children through study circles, yoga, community prayer, shramdhan, celebration of important national days, cultural events and activities aimed at raising awareness on conservation of the environment. Every Friday, students recite the Sarvodaya Prayer, following the path shown by Gandhi. 


In order to ensure continuity in their schooling, the students of this school are offered surety of admission in the Thambithottam Higher Secondary School. Many of them take up the offer and enrol in the school for higher education and proceed to attend college. 


Special attention is given to children in cases where it is deemed necessary, by means of extra hours of coaching and continuous assessment, so they are on par with their peers academically. Emphasis is placed on harmonious community work is accompanied with organizing programs and competitions for bringing out their talents. This has enabled them to bring laurels to the school by winning numerous prizes in school and district level competitions.

“What is really needed to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts, but right education.” M K Gandhi