Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right. At Gandhigram, we ensure that no citizen is denied this right on account of their socio-economic status with the Kasturba Hospital and the Lakshmi Seva Sangham driving this mission. 

Between both these institutions, patients have several kinds of treatment to choose from – be it modern medicine like allopathy or traditional medicine like Ayurveda and Siddha. A stellar team of doctors, nurses and support staff work tirelessly to make sure that both inpatient and outpatient treatment is administered with utmost care and in a manner that doesn’t burn a hole in their pockets. Speciality medicine like maternity and geriatric wings at the Kasturba Hospital are equipped with the latest and cutting-edge equipment to facilitate this. 

We have also taken up the initiative of promoting traditional Indian medicine, which improves the quality of health with minimal side effects. The preparation of several such medicines and concoctions is taken up at the Lakshmi Seva Sangham. The institution has also been instrumental in providing employment and livelihood to many people in the villages surrounding Gandhigram. 

These efforts in providing healthcare for those with limited access to it have earned us widespread commendation and recognition from the government of Tamil Nadu. 

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