Twenty-three-year-old Divya, joined Sevikashram in 2017 with a hope to resume an unfinished chapter of her life. Hailing from the town of Chinnalapatti, Divya’s school days came to an end, shortly after Grade 10, when her mother decided that marriage was the only way she could protect her daughter from an unsafe environment at home. But when Divya’s married life too turned against her, she came to Sevikashram with a hope to rewrite her future.  

“My life has been transformed since the day I stepped into Sevikashram, one year ago. I feel far happier and safe living here in the Ashram than living at home. The teachers too have been strong pillars of support, constantly encouraging me to do better in my studies.”  

Studying in Grade 11, Divya proudly shares her happiest moment when she secured the first rank and how it has reshaped her ambitions. “With support and guidance from Sevika Ashram, I am aiming to pursue nursing, and secure a job at Gandhi Gram’s Kasturba Hospital in the coming future.”

Divya believes that Sevikashram has given her a second chance to reshape her life and future. “Wherever I go and, Whoever I meet, all I say is that Gandhi Gram and Sevikashram are the reasons why I have been able to turn my life around for the better.”